Gold vs gold.

1) Gold Miners is one of the strongest industries today as of midday.

2) In that industry, on balance of valuation and earnings growth, $GOLD is one of the strongest fundamentally.

3) $GLD, the gold ETF is breaking out of Memory resistance trendline and

4) $GOLD is giving a GWF trend following long trade setup at the same time.
1) On 24th Dec, when I shared the analysis on $GOLD, I had taken an options position with short put and long call 18.5 strike Jan 17th expiration.

2) Today on 2nd Jan at ~10 AM EST, both the long call had ~50% profit, and short put leg had ~50% of max possible profit.

I decided to book profit as the stock is at the Upper Boundary, and the candle color turned yellow for the second day today.

g 1 2020-01-02_10-01-50.jpg 
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