Sagar Nandi
Remember our tracking of Cubic and taking a Short at the top using False Upside Breakout and Bear Release signal? That was shared in this forum earlier. Here is the link. So far, the trade is working fine. It has already given significant profit for a Swing Trade.

Today, there seems to be more potential Short Trades in CUB's Industry.

CUE Edge shows that Aerospace & Defense Industry is Decelerating (Pace columns turning magenta).

CUE Edge.jpg 
CW is Overvalued. It is the second-weakest Stock in this Industry after CUB in terms of Relative Valuation. Also, it has negative EPS Growth in recent quarter.

CUE Vital.jpg 
The Stock is also looking weak on CUE Charts. It has displayed multiple Bearish Headwinds in Weekly and Daily. It is toppling over in Daily. 

CUE Chart.jpg 
Using CUE Edge drilldown from Industry to Stocks' Fundamentals and then using CUE Charts you may find other attractive Short opportunities in this Industry. Stocks that are Overvalued and are toppling over.
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