Sagar Nandi
We have a Sonar that scans for Stocks at Pendulum Low and Reversing.

Running that on India's Sensex 30 Stocks gives two stocks today.

Lupin (LUPN) in Pharmaceuticals.

Tata Motors (TAMO) in Auto & Truck Manufacturing.

Where to invest your money if you wanted to choose one?

Here are the key CUE Charts to make that decision on Technicals. On Charts, TAMO seems stronger. 

In terms of Industry also, Auto & Truck Manufacturing is stronger than Pharma.

Before investing, you might check out the Fundamental Strength of the Stocks using CUE Vital Scorecard.


LUPN AAG 2018-02-26_14-21-02.jpg  TAMO AAG 2018-02-26_14-20-32.jpg 
LUPN TAMO Edge 2018-02-26_14-39-23.jpg 
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