$ESE gave a short setup at Price Extreme / Pendulum High as of the morning session.

Analysis ~10:10 AM EST.

1) Weekly created a false upside breakout.
2) Weekly Backdrop color is bearish.
3) Daily displayed bearish Headwind at the very top.
4) After that, the stock is showing lower-high and lower-low.
5) Daily Flow candle color is bearish - it gave a GWF setup today.

6) The stock is down by more than 7.7%.
7) Overvalued stock.
8) Reducing earning growth in the last quarter.
9) Reducing revenue growth in the last quarter.

ese chart 2019-08-09_10-11-16.jpg  ese funda 2019-08-09_10-12-33.jpg 
ESE ended the day with a candle with a lower tail. Following the CUE technique, one would not take a short trade at the end of the day.

ESE followup 2019-08-11_15-03-15.jpg 
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