My 3:30 analysis today gave me a stock in the CUE Edge, Undervalued Stocks, symbol ETRN.  I purchased (10) shares @6.80 with a stop loss of 5.29 and a target of 8.50

A. The CUE Edge Undervalued stock list for 3:30 4/15/20

B. The Industry showing improvement over the last day

C. The stocks within the Industry with ETRN showing good valuation and short squeeze

D. CUE Vital Analysis

E. ETRN shows an upward slope with consolidation over the last 4 days

F. ETRN Breaking out today

ETRN A.jpg  ETRN B.jpg 

ETRN C.jpg    ETRN D.jpg  ETRN E F.jpg 
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Thank you, Rick, for a fine and comprehensive analysis. I see the dividend yield is also very high (27%+). We never know if the dividend will be sustainable. But that is the data we have today. And for short term trading, I am not waiting for the dividend. I am using it as a factor that others "may" consider for buying the stock. I am going to be in and out of the stock in a few days. And the stock looks great.

You shared the stock based on an analysis near the end of 15th Apr.

It could be identified (as I did) one day earlier. Starting from the same "best performing undervalued stocks" CUE INSIGHT. I had shared it on my last YouTube Live session. A snapshot is attached.

I was one day ahead. And that one day ahead sometimes may mean a lot. My risk was a little bit smaller. My reward was a little bit higher. Giving me a little bit more edge over others. I used the same CUE system and could take an entry in the exact same stock one day earlier. That was what I call 'an optimal day entry'. I could not enter a single day before that optimal day. A day later is a bit too late.

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$ETRN Go With Flow trend following long setup has hit the initial profit target in four trading days.

ETRN displayed Bullish Headwind at the very bottom, and after that, it went up.

I had identified it as a GWF Long candidate during the 14th Apr Live Market Meet webinar. I had used CUE INSIGHT to identify the trade.

Rick had identified the stock as a buying opportunity one day later on 15th Apr. Rick had also used CUE INSIGHT to identify the trade.

Today, you could book a profit in the swing trade.

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