After doing my end of day I review, I find PTEN to be of interest on Friday, if it breaks above todays high of 2.99

A. CUE Edge Insight shows PTEN as an undervalued stock

B. The oil and gas drilling industry did very well today and significantly increased its Pace

C. The stock analysis shows 100 valuation and short squeeze at 97

D. CUE Vital statistics (earnings today)

E. A weekly bullish candle

F. The daily candle is bullish with a small upper tail and potential to fill a gap if it is above 2.99 tomorrow

G. Today PTEN announced earnings

PTEN A.jpg  PTEN B.jpg  PTEN C.jpg  PTEN D.jpg  PTEN E F.jpg 
PTEN G.jpg 
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Nice application of CUE INSIGHT and then 360 analysis, including use of EIKON for the earnings hot-news (those streaming news are in red color in EIKON).

The Oil & Gas Drilling industry is not only strong within the Energy sector, but it is also the best performing industry overall today.

2 0 industry.jpg 

One may buy the next day, as Rick mentioned, keeping also in view that the stock is already near to the Upper Boundary.

The other, probably even more important reason to avoid buying this (or any other) stock today would be the reversal of the $DIA, $QQQ, $SPY from the daily Memory resistance lines. CUE traders prefer to trade with the market direction. And the reversal from Memory is not supportive of new long trades. If the Memory lines are broken, that will give the best time to buy individual stocks. If the ETFs reverse from Memory resistance, that will signal caution on long positions and a nudge to look for shorts.

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