My pick for today is MAN.  It is found in the CUE Edge Insight tab as undervalued

A. CUE Edge Undervalued stocks (Insight tab)

B. Industry shows steady improvement

C. MAN shows good valuation and Earnings Quality

D. CUE Vital shows all details

E. MAN has a Bullish weekly Candle

F. MAN is up off of today's memory line breaking out.

MAN A.jpg  MAN B.jpg  MAN C.jpg  MAN D.jpg  MAN E F.jpg 
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Today, it was not easy to find buying opportunities. $MAN was a stock one could consider buying.

1) It had earnings before the market open. The stock opened with a gap down and then moved up, giving a Gap Long trade setup right after the market open. One could find it easily using Sonar on TradeStation or Metastock. Here is a snapshot of the CUE Sonar showing the gap signal on CUE Elite on TradeStation.

In general, it is an effective CUE technique to look for Gap Long/Short setups just after the market open using CUE Elite or CUE Global (technical scan) and then complete the 360 analysis. It takes less than 10 minutes to find Gap trade setups, and that often gives the optimal buying/shorting points with low risk (narrow stop).

6 0 radar.jpg2) The optimal technique to buy it was using the Gap Long signal that came soon after the market open. 

3) The trade has already given more than 6% profit by today's close. If one did not use the Gap Long setup using the CUE Fine Tune chart, one might consider buying it just before the market close as well. Others might wait because the market level turned bearish - that one could see from real-time CUE Edge sector-industry rotation analysis.

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