After doing my EOD analysis, my stock pick is AM.  It is in the Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation industry.  An entry tomorrow would be at 4.20 and a stop at 3.00 with a target 7.00

A. AM was found in CUE Edge Undervalued Stocks
B. Several stocks from the same industry were in the Undervalued stock listing
AM A B.jpg  C. The Oil and Gas Storage & Transportation Industry has done very well recently
AM C.jpg  D. CUE Vital shows AM has good valuation and Short Squeeze
AM D.jpg  E. AM Shows a bullish weekly candle with Hi Volume
  F. AM is breaking above the all important memory line
AM E F.jpg 
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Rick's post is an example of relying on objective CUE 360 analysis and not being biased by media influence.


Yes. Oil dropped a lot on 20th Apr. However, this stock's industry was the best performer.
Rick did an excellent job of finding an undervalued stock that is starting to go up.

Everyone has a different style regarding the stocks one prefers to buy. I like to put the stop below recent low or below the gap-up candle's low. In this case, there was no gap move. So the stop using the current low will be far away. I may not want that.

On the other hand, those using the breakout setup could buy it today. Anyone buying the stock before today would be a bit too early. Buying afterward will be a bit too late.
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