1) Journey started from CUE Finder. It showed that the breakouts and GWF setups in the Long direction dominate today as well. 
2) DRQ showed up as a trade candidate on CUE Vital. Positive Qtr-0 and today 32 out of 3 stocks in this family were up. 
3) Industry Analysis showed a very bullish day for Oil and Gas Equipment. 
4) Although the chart is not a classical case of GWF, but both Daily and Weekly gives a long signal. And we have a headwind signal on Weekly. And on Daily price has bounced from a Support level. So maybe it is a Bounce setup? 
5) The price is very much away from upper boundary and any resistance levels. So the risk reward looks very rewarding. 
Sector Analysis.jpg  1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg 
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