By the time I decided that I should take this Long among the several other candidate, I lost track as to how I came to this stock. I guess it was through another stock (Not finder, Not Insight)

1) My outlook is neutral but my preferred direction is Long trades for today.
2) MGRC fundamental analysis from CUE vital shows positive, it is undervalued and also has positive earning in the last quarterly report. (very green all over)
3) Industry is also getting strong 
4) Technical analysis on TS shows a weekly signal for a long and on the daily we also have a long signal and a breakout. It seems that the price has bounced from a watermark level on Friday with Long signals (CUE band stretch and a Headwind signal). 

The trade has enough space to go up which could give huge reward to risk ratio.  1.jpg  2.jpg  chart.jpg 

Wadi did a useful analysis of $MGRC. And I guess several forum members (including me) benefited from that.

My market view is neutral. I am taking few (fewer) long positions in strong fundamental stocks in healthy industries.

And a few (fewer than usual) short positions in weak fundamental stocks in vulnerable industries.

You need just a few minutes to find such opportunities using intuitive and fully real-time CUE systems. Wadi found one of them.

1) I might not buy yesterday as at market close; the daily candle ended with an upper tail.

2) I would not mind buying today as the price was going above Early Range High in CUE Fine Tune chart. MGRC is continuing to hold above Memory resistance.

6 0 Technical.jpg 
Thanks for your comments. 
Quick question, other than SL, what other factors would alert us to get out of a trade? 
For example, the industry is weakening today. Is this an exit alert?  Industry 1 day later.jpg 
Very good question, Wadi.

A stock will usually not go straight up after a long signal. That is fine. And as we align the industry strength with trade, it is not uncommon for the industry to weaken relative to others after the signal day.

That is no reason to exit. We exit on the stop loss.

The other reason for exit maybe if the CUE charts give a valid trade setup (GWF, HW, Bounce, Box, etc.) in the opposite (short) direction while we are in an ongoing long trade following a CUE setup. That could be a reason to exit even if the stop or initial target is not hit. As the stop may not be hit, the loss will be even smaller. This scenario is not common but may happen.
I tweeted yesterday that I closed some of my positions to reduce my holdings. And I did that because there were conflicting signals from the CUE systems whether the market was bullish or bearish.

$MGRC was one of the positions I closed with a small profit.

1) I took the trade as a Breakout long trade.

2) The very next day, it gapped up with (3) High Volume.

4) Then it stalled and displayed a candle with the upper tail that seemed to find resistance at the dynamically calculated Memory resistance trendline. That was an alert to book profit.

5) The next day (20th Jul), the stock started to drop. That was the day I tweeted about conflicting CUE signals about the market direction.

6) I saw MGRC was falling below the Early Range Low intraday pivot and exited the trade with a small profit (slightly more than 2% profit).

6 0 Technical.jpg 
I too am exiting my MGRC. I should have done it 4 days ago when the market gaped up and closed in good profit. But it seems market is giving me another chance today. 🙂
2.77% gain is better than 0. 
MGRC tp.jpg 
Yes. That is what I have observed too.

Even if the market reverses, CUE 360 trades tend to give a second chance to exit with a small profit or breakeven, or maybe a small loss.

And that you are logging your journey here will help you learn faster than others. You will internalize faster (not just read about it, but internalize) how to manage your positions once you enter. Good job.
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