Dollars from a tree?

Even in a heated market, you may find great low-risk opportunities by using CUE scans. I found this one using a combination of a few scans:
1) Stocks at Pendulum/Price Extreme Low.
2) Stocks that are breaking out.
3) Stocks with Bullish Flow.
4) Stocks where weekly Backdrop is also bullish.

I could combine them together in a waterfall model and run on a list of stocks I have to find this stock (among others).


The stock fell heavily with a gap after the previous earning. Next earning is on 4th Mar. Will the gap be filled? No one knows. I do not. What I know is that it may be giving a low-risk buy point with a number of bullish indications.

1) Its industry is improving after languishing for a long time.

2) Today, most of its peer stocks are up.

3) Valuation is in the middle. I would have preferred undervalued stock. But technicals are looking ok for a low-risk entry.

4) DLTR's earnings growth in the last quarter is negative, but better than the quarter before that.

5) Annual earning growth is positive.

6 and 7) Both quarterly and annual revenue growth are positive.

8) The weekly made a false downside breakout at a Watermark pivot support and (9) is about to go above another Watermark pivot.

10) The daily broke above Memory resistance (out of the triangle pattern). 

11) The daily also created a false downside breakout as it came back above the Watermark pivot support.

12) Daily Flow candle color is bullish.

13) The stock is at Pendulum/Price Extreme Low, which gives the best-priced entry opportunities.

d 1 2020-02-12_13-32-27.jpg  d 2 2020-02-12_13-37-08.jpg  d 3 2020-02-12_13-35-26.jpg 
Pitch perfect if it was a song. But it was really an entry in $DLTR.

Is the stock looking good to you now? Or not even now?

1) I shared the bullish idea on 12th Feb, five trading days ago.

2) While others may still be thinking about it, my trade has reached the risk distance and if one wished, one could book partial profit.

Pitch perfect entry indeed, I would say, thanks to the CUE 360 analysis.

d 1 2020-02-20_11-03-31.jpg 

Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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