Doing homework early - and this homework is about leisure

Leisure industries are not going down. Is that a signal of things to come?


Earlier today (15th Apr) I had shared a fundamental comparison of RCL and CCL. 

Most of the fundamentals are looking back statistics and that is true for EPS, revenue, dividend yield, etc. And you all know that. I don't have to highlight that fact to you.

Based on the comparison, RCL looked relatively stronger across EPS growth, revenue growth as well as dividend yield %. Both are undervalued and both have a short squeeze potential.

Now, why did I care to look for analysis or CCL vs RCL?

That is because using CUE Edge, the real-time sector-industry rotation analysis tool, I saw that two industries that one would expect to go down due to the ongoing assault of the coronavirus, stopped going down (relative to other industries, as shown by the color-coding in the industry-rotation table). These are two of the best performing industries over 5-days and are maintaining their strength today as well.

RCL and CCL belong to one of those industries and I wanted to check those out and see which one is relatively stronger in terms of fundamentals. So that I could be ready to buy the stronger one in case the stock(s) gave a CUE buy-setup.

Did RCL give a buy-signal yet? No. Not yet. If the price can break out of the Memory resistance then it may give a buying opportunity. In this way, I like to anticipate a move and get ready. That helps me buy the stock a little bit earlier. With a little more confidence. Most of my homework is already done!

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