Do you remember me mentioning $CHRW?

I had talked about it when discussing $HTLD in my live webinars. I had shorted $HTLD and shared it in my forum. I made a nice profit in that trade.

$CHRW is in the same industry. I waited until today for its earnings to be announced. It beat expectations and shoot up.

1) And as I planned, I shorted it at the very top using a 5-min CUE Fine Tune chart.

2) I booked a profit on the day-trade a while ago when it came to the Early Range High pivot.

3) Notice the high reward-risk ratio that I received. The stop was just above the entry price.

This day-trade was an excellent example of tracking a stock and executing the trade precisely using CUE systems.

Who thinks it is not possible to short on an otherwise bullish day? It is possible and more likely to profit if you planned the trade in advance, as I did.

What is stopping you from taking such trades?

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