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I found it from CUE scan for Go With Flow - Long.

The weekly Backdrop is not cyan yet. Therefore, the Go WIth Flow setup is not confirmed as of 2:40 PM EST. One may wait to see if the setup is confirmed before taking a long position.

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A somewhat discretionary entry and equally discretionary exit. An example of an imperfect trade for a CUE trader. And the imperfection is not based on profitability but based on discipline in applying CUE techniques.


1) I did take a long position in $KTB when I shared it in the forum. However, as I mentioned at that time, there was no confirmed CUE Trade setup as the weekly was not bullish (cyan).

2) The price went up after I took the trade. As of ~10:10 AM EST 28th Apr, it had not hit stop loss (it never went down since I bought the stock!). Neither did it hit the Upper Boundary. The trade was in a profit, though not a lot.

As I took the trade without proper CUE setup, I decided to book a profit in the full position. This will not be categorized as a 'disciplined CUE trade' in my diary as no CUE setup was there, though I managed to make a profit in the trade.

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