Sagar Nandi
As of 1st June 2018, we have rolled out enhancements to CUE Scorecards that made their calculations different from CUE Edge/Vital.

Let me share the background. There are two major reasons why we changed the calculation/data source for Scorecard:
1) We calculate the Scorecards on a Daily basis. However, sometimes, there was an issue with the data/timeliness (especially for the India Market; and for other Markets were we plan to roll out the Scorecards). This drove us to look for alternatives for Scorecards.
2) There was a second reason. How S&P, Thomson Reuters etc. evaluate Industries is based on a few larger-cap stocks in each Industry. The theory they have is that these Stocks "better represent" the Industry. And that theory is required to assess the impact of the Industry on the overall Market.

At the same time, we might miss some trade opportunities due to a large-cap stock behaving differently from the majority of smaller stocks in an Industry.
So if smaller Stocks are going up but few or one large Stock is going down, traders might miss-read the picture and miss some profitable trades/Stock moves. We thought that maybe if we don't give extra weight to larger Stocks, we might identify some trading opportunities that we missed earlier.
Because of those two reasons we changed Scorecard. It requires a lot of data on thousands of stocks. That is best done after market close.

Which one to use? If you have Edge/Vital, you may continue to use them. Their calculation is accurate based on Market accepted Indexing. 

If you are using Scorecards, that is also fine.

This situation is not uncommon.

S&P, Thomson Reuters also have a difference in their calculations.

CUE Traders who have access to CUE Edge/Vital continue to use them as that gives access to Real-Time Analytics on Industry Rotation, Stocks Fundamentals, and Peer Analysis. Allowing them to make trading decisions a little bit ahead of others.

Note: Though Edge uses the Indexing of S&P or Reuters when it retrieves underlying Stocks, it goes to the Market and retrieves many Stocks, not just the ones used by S&P or Reuters. That way we get a Vital Stock Scorecard that is wider and deeper. Allowing us to identify trading opportunities in the whole Industry.

If you are using Edge/Vital and would like to use Scorecards in parallel to see if you want to choose one or the either (or both), let us know. We will activate CUE Scorecard on your account for a month so you can try it out.

Thanks for your support and with best wishes,

Superior Profit Team.
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