Did you take the $KMI trade based on my market roundup analysis?

I discussed it in the Market Roundup video of 3rd Aug based on the closing of 2nd Aug (Friday). Watch the video to see on what basis I suggested the short. The video is on my YouTube channel:

Once again, I could catch the very top of a fundamentally weak stock just as it was starting to topple over. Probably it would not be possible to short it any time before that. Perfect timing - once again?

Here is the marked-up chart that I used to explain the KMI short setup in the video.

KMI roundup 2019-08-23_21-26-41.jpg 
And this is KMI as of 23rd Aug market close.

Point 1: this is the day I suggested the swing short trade.

Point 2: today.

Can you see another trade setup today? 

kmi today 2019-08-23_21-28-11.jpg 

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