Did you find some shorting at the top candidate?

If you are thinking that there is some chance the market may pull back, then you might be reading with some shorting candidates.

I was looking for some stocks that I might consider shorting at the top. How did I go about finding them? I looked for stocks that are within 5% of the 52-week highs and which are down today as of midday. 

Further, I wanted the stocks to be in a weak industry and with some weakness in their fundamentals (poor earnings growth over quarterly or yearly periods, overvalued, etc.).

I could shortlist the stocks using the above criteria in literally a few minutes using my sector-industry-rotation analysis tool.

I further checked the stocks for technical weakness - Afterall, I can make money shorting a stock only if it falls down.

Here are the two stocks I located - one in the Communications Equipment industry and the other in the Data Processing & Outsourced Services industry.

Will you like to try to short both of them or one of them?

If you were going to short one of them, which one?

What instrument will you use to short them (stock or options and if options, what strategy)?

If you are clear about these choices, you are very likely to be making money in trading.
weak at top 1 2019-12-05_13-04-20.jpg 
What about the two stocks I mentioned while talking about potential shorting at the top candidates six days ago?

Both of them have weakened since I shared the two stocks. There were similarities in terms of industry weakness. And also similarities in their charts' CUE signals. Did you read the signals in time? And probably be ahead of others in protecting profit in long holdings and probably even start to think about shorting the stocks or at least one of them?

1) Both the stocks displayed bearish Headwind possible reversal signal.

2) Both stocks tried to recover along the way.

3) And fell again. And that was the point I caught them and shared them in the original post above.

4) As of today ~10 AM EST both the stocks failed to go up since I shared them and instead, fell down a bit.

Good timing in the objective analysis (if not in trading!), would you agree?
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