Day-Trading is not difficult if you follow the CUE technique - here is one with a 25% profit.


In today's Graduates Club webinar/YouTube live session, I mentioned that you could look at Weekly (or Daily) Memory resistance to initiate a day-trade. The actual entry will be on CUE Fine Tune intraday real-time chart.

I followed that today. 

1) IWM was coming down below Weekly Memory. The market breadth was weak throughout the day, as I shared on Twitter (based on CUE Edge analytics). 

2) I shorted using short call vertical 31st Jul expiry. With the short leg just below my entry price.

3) At the close, I had a 25% profit. That is an excellent profit for a day trade with a vertical.

I could do the analysis on CUE Elite on TradeStation and place the trade on the same platform. 

Could you take the trade with such accuracy?

Would you have booked a profit near the market close? You may need to know these answers to trade profitably.

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