CUE systems asked me: if not today, then when?


Well, not literally asked me with words. But it sort of screamed at me you could say with the CUE analytics result.

On CUE Finder, around midday, I found a large number of bullish Breakouts and Bullish Reversals. Why not look for stocks that have both - I asked myself? Using two clicks, I found all the stocks with those characteristics, and then $WELL came to the top as the best performer.

CUE Industry? The most accelerating today and one of the strongest (3rd most strong). Check.

CUE Fundamentals? 4.9% dividend yield. Average valuation. A short squeeze potential. Excellent earnings growth. 85% of 55 peer stocks are up today (which is a lackluster market overall). Check.

CUE Technicals? Weekly Bullish Backdrop color with a Memory trendline support. Daily with Memory support, breaking above Memory resistance with bullish Flow and a Reversal candle. Narrow stop (just below the Memory support - using CUE protection level).

CUE systems are colorful. For you, in this post, I created a four-square industry-sector chart using CUE Edge. It looks beautiful - doesn't it? And equally useful in visualizing the strength increase. You could make similar charts with CUE Edge easily on your computer.

That is when I thought: if not today, then when will I buy this stock? What do you think?

0 2 Finder Home.jpg  2 0 Finder.jpg  4 0  Industry Scorecard.jpg  5 0 Fundamental Snapshot.jpg  6 0 Technical.jpg  9 0 Temp.jpg 
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