CUE Global Trading System does not need to set any indicator-specific values or thresholds or parameters. One may install it out of the box and start using the system.

If the investor/trader is trading in global (non-USA) markets or wants to make changes to default settings, then the indicators "CUE # Global Setting" (for chart and scan) may be edited to set the following parameters.

1. Benchmark: This parameter is used in the calculation of the Relative Performance indicator. For example, for USA stock trading, the S&P500 Index of SPY ETF could be used for the benchmark. 

2. Session: This is relevant only for Real-Time users. The session parameters indicate the start time and end time of the daily trading sessions. The Daily Range and Early Range and other Intraday pivot levels are calculated using this information. 

3. Liquidity: Often traders prefer to trade liquid instruments. What constitutes liquidity may vary from country to country. By default CUE System sets the liquid parameter to 200,000 (i.e. any stock traded with 200,000 daily volume is assumed to be liquid. This parameter is used in the Sonar (Explorer) to identify the list of liquid stocks from a bigger stock list. 

4. Optimal Price Low & High: This setting is used in some of the scans that look for stocks within the price range. Some traders may want to trade stocks priced in a range and these parameters are used to create a list of stocks for that price range.

5. Scan for Recent Bars: This parameter may be used by some scans that look for signal(s) within a specific number of days (today or x number of days in the past). In case your version has a scan that uses this parameter, it is suggested to set it to a value no more than 2. That is because identifying signals in the past is of not much use if you are trying to place a trade today.

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