Could it be the worst time to sell relying on analyst downgrades?

1) This stock went down by -35.9% yesterday, prompting analysts to downgrade it.

2) The stock is undervalued at the current (low) price level and (3) it has short squeeze potential.

4) Its industry is strong.

5 and 6) Weekly and daily are both near Watermark pivot support level and the bears could have exhausted yesterday, which had an extremely high volume.

If the stock recovers, it may give a low-risk and potentially high-reward buying opportunity.
Bringing home a profit with a $HOME trade using the Bounce trade setup.

Another precise entry and exit with a 170% profit in this case (with Dr. Jeffrey's synthetic options play).

1) On Friday 6th Nov before 10 AM EST, I suggested exhaustion based buy of $HOME - that would be using a CUE Bounce trade setup. At that time the price was 5.44. You could take a long trade using an options setup that I learned from Dr. Jeffrey. Because the stock is low priced, you could avoid the protective put, probably. But I had all the three legs in place in this case for a debit of -0.45 per lot. 

SOLD N lots of Jan 17, 2020 5 Put @ 0.34
BOUGHT N lots of Jan 17, 2020 5 Call @ 0.70
BOUGHT N lots of Jan 17, 2020 2 Put @ 0.09

2) Since then HOME has gone up. As of ~12:50 PM EST on Monday, The option is priced at 1.25, which is 170% profit.

You could book at least partial profit. There is no reason to let the profit erode - in case the stock reverses.
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