After my analysis today, my stock pick is CNK and I will look to enter a long on Monday, my entry will be above 13.75 and my planned stop loss will be 10.00.  My target will be 18.40

A.  The Communication Services has been strong over the last day and the last two days

B. CNK has been identified in the CUE Insight tab as an undervalued stock

C. CNK's valuation is 100

D. CNK's Earnings Quality is 93 and its short squeeze is 95

E  CUE Vital also shows the Valuation, Earnings Quality and Short Squeeze

F.  CNK has a bullish weekly candle

G. CNK is breaking out of a triangle pattern on the daily chart

CNK A.jpg  CNK B.jpg  CNK C D.jpg      CNK E.jpg 
CNK F G.jpg 
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Dear Rick,

Excellent top-down analysis. Some additions to your post.

0) I like to see the industry strength before buying (sector strength is good to have, but not required). The industry is strong for CNK.

2 0 industry.jpg 
1) I found from the month Backdrop chart that there is a false-downside breakout in CNK. That is giving an opportunity to buy at the very bottom. False breakouts tend to be bullish.

2) And it has Extreme Bullish Pressure in the monthly chart.

4 0 technical.jpg 

3) CNK is coming out of a CUE Squeeze.

4 1 technical.jpg 

4) CUE Vital shows that it has a 10%+ dividend yield.

5) And the price is going up steadily. Gaining more than 60% in the last 10-days.
3 0 fundamental.jpg 
6) Using the peer-analysis feature of CUE Vital I found another fundamentally attractive stock, MCS. it is also undervalued similar to CNK. That allows CUE traders to buy.

3 1 fundamental.jpg    
7 and 8) Interestingly, MCS also created a false downside breakout in the monthly chart with extreme Bullish Pressure - just as CNK did.

4 2 technical.jpg    

9 and 10) Is there a trade setup in MCS? Using the CUE At A Glance, one may find the GWF trend-following setup by applying the unambiguous checklist for the setup.

4 3 technical.jpg 

11) And, similar to CNK, MCS is also coming out of a CUE Squeeze.

4 4 technical.jpg 

Both CNK and MCS seem tradable and are at low-risk buy-points. Both are in a strong (same) industry. Fundamentally, both are strong enough to consider buying.

CNK is giving a Breakout trade setup. And MCS as trend-following long setup.

The final trading choice is in the trader's hand.
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