Choosing between EQT short and COG short. 

As this weeks outlook was neutral and we were particularly looking for shorts, I looked into CUE edge and found out that Energy sector is looking good for short trades. 
I then glanced through the Industry and found out that all of them looked good for shorting. They were strong a month ago and are getting weaker. 
So I decided to keep my options broad and look into all stocks in these 7 industries in the hope that I find a star candidate setup. 
star candidates.jpg  By clicking on the Star Candidate (short) button I got a short list of stocks that have lower Valuation and negative EPS (Star Candidate short). I copied over the tickers of these stocks into TS and found out which of these stocks had signals today. This step is especially helpful if my list of stocks was huge. 
TS setup finder.jpg 
Looking at their respective charts, they both look fine, but there is an obvious reason I decided to short for COG as EQT has its next EPS date on 7th May  🙂
Very nice analysis. It is hard to believe that it was your first post on the CUE 360 analysis ($COG). Well done, indeed.

If we apply the checklists, there is not CUE short setup on COG or EQT today. That is the case with many stocks. And that is expected when the broad market is moving sideways. 

Aligning trades with the market direction is important. For most traders, it is safer to stay away from the market during sideways moves.

I have nothing else to add to your analysis. 

Let the force be with you!
Today I am taking profit although it might further go down. 
Novice traders wait.

Mature traders book profit at the pre-planned level.

Wadi, your profit booking in $COG - whether the stock goes down more or not - shows maturity.

There is no second-guessing. All the planning was done before. Not after initiating the trade.

That is the secret recipe for success in trading once you have CUE systems. Planning the trade (use CUE Diary!) and executing the plan without second-guessing.

Well done my friend.

Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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