Sagar Nandi
Catching the possible turnaround using deceleration in real-time.

Managed Healthcare industry was strong for a long time and now decelerated (Pace 1 Day is magenta) and score (1 Day) is weak as well.

Three of the worst performing stocks (as of ~noon EST) are all overvalued (ANTM, UNH, HUM) and they all fell (so far) by more than 2% today.

Time to protect profit in any long position in these stocks with trailing stop or put options.

And would you look for a short in any of them (hint: CUE traders don't take a short trade if there is a support line nearby. Instead, wait for the support to be broken).

ANTM chart 2018-09-10_12-01-33.jpg  HUM chart 2018-09-10_12-00-55.jpg  Managed Health Care Vital 2018-09-10_11-59-30.jpg  Managed Healthcare Edge 2018-09-10_12-00-24.jpg  UNH chart 2018-09-10_12-02-07.jpg 

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