Preferred trade direction today is still Bullish. 

1) CUE Edge Insight gave me MTDR as an undervalued stock with 7.8% growth on 14th. 
2) Looking at Vitals, I found out the stock is not only undervalued but also had positive values on last Quarterly Release. 
3) The industry for MTDR (Oil and Gas exp) is having a very strong day with 45 stocks up and only 7 down. 
4) On the daily chart four days ago we can see a Headwind signal and a Bullish Pressure, Today we have a breakout candle. (Weekly is neutral that's good enough for my breakout trade) The stock has great reward potential with only limited risk. I buy. 

insight.jpg  1.jpg  2.jpg  chart headwind.jpg 
Remember that Headwind tells a reversal is possible. Not that a trend change is likely. Trend change may happen too. But that is not the signal from Headwind. That is why, when Headwind setup is used as a signal, the target is the value area (middle of the two CUE Bands) and not the upper Boundary.
This was a breakout trade actually. And I exited it today. I was in a stock and option Long on this.
MTDR exit.jpg 
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