1) In a continuously deteriorating Financial sector
2) We found an industry that is also under-performing - Regional Banks.
3) Vital stats showed that we got a jackpot - Star Candidate: Overvalued and also underperforming (QTR-0 is negative).
4) Charts shows a clear breakout of a trendline and a signal for Short on Daily and we have a bearish weekly candle. On The daily there is a LH-LL.
5) Risk reward ratio is very close to 1:1. So why not short it.  industry.jpg  sector.jpg  vitals.jpg 

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This was a perfect example of being in sync with the market and applying the CUE 360 technique.


Wadi found the breakout setup when DIA/SPY was starting to breakout (downside).

The whole industry is weak today (13th May) and the stock is down by more than 5%. Good pick. Not because the stock dropped. But because the analysis was perfect. An "A" trade in my view.

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