My preferred trading direction is Bullish. 
1) Insight gave me BBBY as an undervalued stock (Trade Candidate - CUE Vitals also confirm that)
2) The industry is performing strongly today with strong blue color. 
3) On the Daily Chart we can see that the price is bouncing from Trendline and is going up. We have A Bullish Pressure signal on under today's candle as well. 
4) There is a great reward to risk ratio, therefore I open a Bounce Trade Long on BBBY 1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg  chart.jpg 
I also exit this bounce trade today. Marketing is giving me a chance, I grab it. 
bbby exit.jpg 
BBBY TP.jpg 
This was a textbook example of the extreme reversal CUE Bounce setup.

Wadi did a wonderful job of identifying the trade and also in managing, exiting the $BBBY Bounce trade. Exiting the trade was a good idea because the market started to give conflicting signals for last two days (between CUE Edge breadth, CUE Finder insight, leading stocks, and overall market moves, as I had shared on https://twitter.com/SagarNandi).
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