You might consider taking a long position in $BIDU as an undervalued stock that is trying to go up from Price Extreme Low.

Its industry is not the strongest by any stretch of the imagination. However, (1) industry score is improving and (2) industry acceleration is showing up.

3) The stock is undervalued and (4) earning is improving albeit being still negative in the latest quarter.

5) In the weekly, it displayed a bullish Headwind reversal signal at the very bottom and since then the stock is gradually moving up.

6) This week's Backdrop candle color is bullish (cyan) and shape is also bullish (hollow).

7) The daily chart also displayed a bullish Headwind reversal signal that caught the very bottom. 

8) It gave a Go With Flow trend following long trade signal (cyan Flow candle in the daily chart, while weekly Backdrop was cyan) three days ago on 9th Sep.

9) Yesterday it regained the yellow Slow Direction line and today, 12th Sep, the price is staying above that.

10) BIDU is outperforming the broader market, shown by the Relative Performance tilting up.

11) It is at Price Extreme / Pendulum Low.

bidu 1 2019-09-12_10-20-28.jpg  bidu 2 2019-09-12_10-16-56.jpg  bidu 3 2019-09-12_10-13-10.jpg 
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All the snapshots in the post above were taken ~10:15 AM EST today on 12th Sep.
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