Being anchored to the market is essential to profit from swing trading.

I try to do that.

I had taken bearish trades ahead of others, as shared in my forum. I could do that because I kept a holistic view of the market.

Then, on 29th June, the market opened lower but reversed. QQQ had reversed right from the Memory trendline support on that day.

I had several short positions and booked a profit in several of them, including on Facebook. I also started taking bullish swing trades - some of them involved short Put options (naked or as part of a structure). That was a wise decision as the market went up from there for two days. My long positions were in profit.

Today, I booked a profit in several bullish positions.

Currently, the $ES futures is right in the middle of Memory support and resistance lines. That is not the best place to initiate new trades in either direction.

Instead, if the price goes to the Memory lines and reverses from there, that might give low-risk reversal trades. And if it goes up and hits the Memory resistance, that will also be a further profit booking point on my remaining long positions.

Why my forum/Twitter shared trades tend to do well overall is partly because of anchoring to the market moves. The fully real-time and extremely robust and intuitive CUE systems help in that.

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Disclaimer: This site is for educational purposes only, explaining the use of CUE systems and techniques. It is not for trade advice. Trading involves risk. You and only you are solely responsible for the outcome of your trades.

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