Are you holding $PG?

You may keep an eye on the stock if it breaks below the Memory trendlines in the weekly and daily charts.

1) Its industry is weak and (2) decelerating.

3) Valuation is in the middle.

4) Yesterday (11th Feb) though the market was up, PG was down and (5) It is steadily coming down over past several days.

6) The weekly made a false upside breakout at the level where Bearish Headwind came earlier.

7) Weekly Memory is broken.

8) Daily Memory support is about to be broken.

9) Extreme bearish pressure.

p 1 2020-02-12_16-23-54.jpg
   p 2 2020-02-12_16-24-52.jpg    
p 3 2020-02-12_16-22-21.jpg

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