Another high-pressure breakout buying at price-extreme low.


1) Its industry strengthened only today as you can see from real-time industry-scorecard.

2) Undervalued with (3) a short squeeze potential.

4) Weekly Headwind beautifully caught the very bottom. 

5) Now it is breaking above Memory trendline resistance with (6) extreme Bullish Pressure.

7) In the daily too, the bullish Headwind charmingly caught the very bottom (that could be an early/partial entry point if you ran the CUE Headwind Long scan at that time).

8) Daily breaking above Memory resistance with (9) extreme Bullish Pressure while (10) the price is going up from Pendulum/Price Extreme Low.

Another perfect timing?

c 1 2020-02-14_11-41-49.jpg  c 2 2020-02-14_11-42-11.jpg  c 3 2020-02-14_11-40-24.jpg 
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A note on how I found the stock. I ran a combo-scan that included these scans in a waterfall model:

1) Price Extreme Low.
2) Breakout.
3) High Bullish Pressure.

And then checked for undervalued stock in terms of fundamentals (at price-extreme low, I expect a robust stock to be undervalued).

Further, confirm that the industry is strong or tilting up from the real-time industry rotation tool.

This is a standard technique I use to buy stocks well ahead others take notice. What is your equivalent approach, if any?
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