Here is yet another attempt to trade $IRBT.

1) I first shared about IRBT's weakness two days ago using real-time analysis on my forum. At that time, the stock recovered and did not give any short setup.

2) Today it is given a neutral Traffic Light candle with (3) a Bear Release signal.

4) The Bear Release reversal came at the Watermark Resistance pivot that was created by a Bearish Headwind signal earlier. That may give a short at the high opportunity with a very low risk.

5) Today is also showing Bearish Pressure.

6) Weekly is forming a bearish shape candle, and the price is unable to break above weekly Watermark resistance.

7) Its industry is weak and (8) decelerating.

9) Today the stock is down by almost 3%.

10) Average valuation with (11) negative and decelerating earnings growth.

12) Most of the peer stocks are down today.

    6 0 Technical.jpg
4 0  Industry Scorecard.jpg
I closed the $IRBT short trade with a small profit.

1) I had taken a short stock position when the Box short setup was confirmed on 18th June.

2) Today the stock went up though the market fell heavily.

3) The Relative Performance is tilting up.

I had a small profit in the trade and decided to close the position with that profit.

6 0 Technical.jpg 

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