An undervalued stock with earnings growth is breaking out from the low-base triangle.


This time I found it from best performing value stocks from real-time CUE INSIGHT.

Though the industry is not one of the strongest today, it is still up considerably. Great valuation combined with earnings growth (my favorite in terms of fundamentals).

Breaking out of triangle after displaying Bullish Headwind signal a few days ago.

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1) I took a position in $DBD yesterday when I shared it in the forum.

2) Today, it gapped up.

3) The position has more than 10% profit in literally a few trading hours. I am not going to let it turn into a losing trade.

All I did was applied the CUE technique to find a 360 trade setup and leave the rest to the market. And all I will do is manage the profit once it is with me.

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1) As of ~2 PM EST, the $DBD position has almost 30% profit in one day.

2) The stock has hit the Upper Boundary.

3) Entry was yesterday using Go With Flow long setup.

CUE traders will book at least partial profit by the close today because the trade has significant profit, and it has hit the initial profit target. I did the same.

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