An example of a stock toppling over at Price Extreme High found using CUE Finder.

I found it from CUE Finder a while ago.


Its industry is weak.

Overvalued plus negative earnings growth.

Hit Memory resistance in weekly and daily at Price Extreme High and toppling over with bearish Flow.

There is Memory support nearby. Is there enough distance to take a short-term bearish trade?
Did $HSKA confirm a bearish trade on Friday if you followed CUE guidelines?

No. It closed with a long lower tail in the daily chart (1). That does not allow CUE traders to short the stock at the market close.

6 0 Technical.jpg 
My rolling over at the top shorting candidate has hit the profit target today.

Do you have a technique to take such bearish trades with confidence even in a very bullish market and comfortably profit from that?


1) I shared it on 21st Aug. I had taken a short position at that time. That day ended with a lower tail candle. Looking at that, you might enter the short the next day using CUE Fine Tune precision entry chart.

Since the entry, the stock could never go above the Memory resistance trendlines.

2) Today, it hit the initial profit target (yellow Direction line and also Memory support).

CUE guideline is to book at least a partial profit at this point. I did the same without thinking twice (well, I was using GTC order - not much scope of thinking. The profit booking order executed while I was walking on the beach under the near-full-moon today).

6 1 Technical.jpg 

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