Sagar Nandi
If you are holding a Stock that has given 200% profit in last 1 year, what would you do going into the year end?

Would you Buy this Stock now?

If you were holding it, would you look to Book Profit?

The answers are simpler if one uses Objective Data Driven Analytics.

The Stocks is ...

VIP Industries, VIPI.NS.

Lets start with Industry Score Analysis. This clearly shows that the time to take New Long in the Apparel & Accessories Industry.

VIPI Edge 2017-12-26_13-08-11.jpg  
What about the Stock's Fundamentals? The Stock is Overvalued. Though it has Robust Earnings / Earnings Growth. In any case, prudent investors may not wish to buy Overvalued Stocks.

VIPI Vital 2017-12-26_13-14-35.jpg 

Ok. So, Adding To Existing VIP Industries Long or taking a New Buy in the Stock does not seem to fit the bill.

What about those who are holding the Stock?

The same Vital Statistics above shows that VIP's Dividend Yield % of 0.68% is not going to cut it for holding it as a Dividend Play.

Let us look at the Technical CUE Charts to see what option the Long Holder may have, that is, when to Protect Profit and Exit?

The Hop On Chart below shows that there is no Signal to Exit any Long Position yet. However, one may Protect Profit using Stop Order.

VIP Hop On 2017-12-26_13-24-24.jpg 
Where exactly to put the Stop Order? For that one may use the CUE Protection Signal (it is in the Hop Off Template), as shown below. The Stop may be placed at 331.

VIPI Hop Off 2017-12-26_13-33-20.jpg 

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