A workflow starting with technical analysis gives a buying candidate.


1) The market is down. It is appropriate to see which stocks are at support. And as the market is down a lot, why not look for stocks at weekly Memory support, instead of daily? I ran the CUE Memory trendline support scan on (2) weekly intervals, and (3) used a list of liquid optionable stocks that I have. CMCSA was one of the stocks that popped up from the scan.

4) When I opened the CUE charts, indeed, the stock is at weekly Memory support.

5) Not commonly seen, the stock has displayed three successive bullish Headwind possible reversal signals in daily.

6) Flow color is bullish, and it is breaking out of a Memory resistance.

7) The breakout is happening with bullish Pressure and Pressure U-Turn.

8) Relative Performance shows the stock is considerably outperforming the market.

9) Excellent earnings growth in both the quarterly as well as annual periods.

10) It has revenue growth as well.

11) Its industry is not very weak; the industry score color is not magenta, more cyan.

C 1 2020-03-19_11-43-40.jpg  C 2 2020-03-19_11-41-37.jpg  C 3 2020-03-19_11-41-10.jpg  C 4 2020-03-19_11-45-44.jpg 
1) $CMCSA closed below the Memory resistance. That did not confirm a breakout. Also, the long upper-tail means the Headwind long setup did not confirm using the unambiguous checklists.

There was no confirmed trade setup.

CUE traders would stand aside and not buy CMCSA today. 

c 1 2020-03-20_2-16-27.jpg 
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