Sagar Nandi
I came across this stock from the dashboard in CUE Edge real-time market analyst.

ARNC appeared in a category that is favorite of many traders. Values stocks that are going up.

arnc dashboard 2018-07-16_14-22-47.png 
A stock fundamental peer analysis using CUE Edge shows ARNC is the best value stock among its peers. It has short squeeze potential. Yearly earnings growth is accelerating.

arnc vital 2018-07-16_14-25-25.png 
On CUE charts, ARNC made a false downside breakout in Weekly. Daily is supported by Memory trendline and today it gapped up (chart as of ~2:30 PM EST). If there is a low-risk buy opportunity in the coming days one might consider it. Precise entry may be made with very little risk using real-time 5 minute CUE Fine Tune chart. One may also use CUE At A Glance weekly-daily template to decide optimal entry using unambiguous CUE checklists.

arnc chart 2018-07-16_14-27-41.png 
Sagar Nandi
Adding the industry analysis of ARNC using CUE Edge. Quite strong industry. Color code says that instantly.

arnc industry 2018-07-16_14-34-01.png 

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