A stock to consider buying even in this market?


1) Though the market is falling like a rock, for three weeks, the stock did not fall in the weekly chart.

2) The daily displayed two bullish Headwind signals one after another. And since then, the price did not fall.

3) Today's candle Traffic Light color is bullish.

4) The Relative Performance is bullish.

5) It is at Extreme Low, which may be a low-risk buying opportunity.

7) The next earning is on 22nd Apr. Will the stock go up enough before that to book a profit?

8) As of ~11:10 AM EST, the stock is up by 5%.

9) Undervalued with (10) robust earning quality and (11) a short squeeze potential.

12) The Steel industry is strong today (it is up today, though the market is struggling).

You may wait for a proper setup and also wait for the signals to confirm at/near the market close. No need, I believe, to buy in a hurry in this market owing to fear of missing out. That does not end up well.

s 1 2020-03-23_11-08-42.jpg  s 2 2020-03-23_11-08-09.jpg  s 3 2020-03-23_11-08-25.jpg 

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