Sagar Nandi
A low-priced value stock is one of today's best performers.

All the snapshots are taken around (EST): 2:50 PM.

IMPORTANT: As the price may move up or down during the day, you may confirm a swing trade setup at or near market close.

Today, on Monday 13th May as of 2:50 PM, the market is down a lot. S&P 500 is down by more than 2%. NASDAQ is down by more than 3%.

How to look for buying opportunities?

1, 2, 3) I found DF appearing in multiple Insight categories today.

4) Its industry is one of the (relatively) best performers.

5) The stock is an undervalued stock.

6) It is up by more than 12% as it broke above Memory Resistance. It had earnings a few days ago. 

7) DF is going up with Extreme Bullish Pressure.

8) It is coming out of CUE Squeeze.

It may give a very-low-risk breakout buying opportunity by the close of the day.

df edge 1 2019-05-13_14-59-54.jpg  df edge 2 2019-05-13_15-00-06.jpg  df edge 3 2019-05-13_15-00-22.jpg  df edge 4 2019-05-13_14-58-42.jpg  df funda 2019-05-13_14-59-01.jpg  df tech 1 2019-05-13_15-07-27.jpg  df tech 2 2019-05-13_15-06-26.jpg 
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