A fantastic number of bearish signals in this stock today.
1) Bearish Headwinds.
2) False Upside Breakout.
3) Bearish Flow.
4) Bearish Release.
5) Memory Breakout.
6) Bearish Pressure.
7) Reversal.
8) At Pendulum High.
There is Memory support nearby (9) - you may watch if that breaks - that will be even more bearish.
I first shared about $TER on 11th July. I had taken a bearish position using Put options and closed most of that with a decent profit when the stock hit Memory support.

I had mentioned to Graduates Club members in the webinar that I was holding a minimal position in the stock. I kept only so few lots so that even if they become zero, I would not make a loss in the entire trade.

I was watching TER as I held a position.

After earnings, it went up. And today it fell sharply.

Do you remember my post from $HTLD? I shorted it successfully when around earnings, the CUE charts gave bearish signals.

I saw a similar situation at $TER today. There is Memory support in the daily. If that is broken, then that may make a case for shorting the top.

6 0 Technical.jpg 
CUE Memory supported the price, at least for today.


I mentioned about the support in my original post. By the close, the support was not broken. Unless one could take the short early using CUE Fine Tune chart, one would stand aside and see if in the coming days the Memory support is broken, before trying any short trade.

6 0 Technical.jpg 
I talked about $TER as giving a fantastic number of bearish CUE signals yesterday. And I could book a 30%+ profit from that trade in one day

I had taken a bearish position in $TER yesterday using Put options and using CUE real-time charts (1).

Today, it gapped down at the open and also opened below Memory support in daily (2).

I had a 30%+ profit in the options in one day. I decided to book a profit. As I showed in today's Graduates' Club meeting, $TER is not fundamentally weak, and as of yesterday, its industry was also not weak. That is one reason I wanted to book profit quickly. I see no harm in booking 30%+ gain in a day. I am continuing to hold a partial position.

6 0 Technical.jpg 
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