A comparison of $AXP, $MA, $V.

1) All of the three stocks are overvalued.

2) In terms of annual earnings growth, AXP is weaker. MA and V are almost at the same level.

3) All of them are near the 52-week high. MA has gained most from the 52-week low. AXP gained the least.

4) AXP dropped after displaying the weekly bearish Headwind possible reversal signal at the very top.

5, 6) MA and V both are displaying bearish Headwind in their respective weekly charts. They are also creating a false upside breakout at Watermark pivot resistance level.

7) AXP is hugely underperforming the market. 

8, 9) MA and V are starting to underperform the market.

As shown by the white solid drawn lines, AXP is inside a Triangle pattern bound my Memory trendline support and resistance. MA and V are supported by Memory trendlines.

10) The industry of all these three related stocks are weakening - heat map color is changing from cyan (stronger) to magenta (weaker).

If the Memory supports of these stocks break, then long position holders may be cautious and you may also look for a low-risk shorting opportunity. 

Overall, at present AXP is the weakest of the three stocks.

If you apply the same technique today (market close, 9th Sep) on a universe of liquid USA stocks and ADRs, you will find other weaker stock/ADR in the same or similar industry which should give a more lucrative shorting opportunity. opportunities.

3stocks 1 2019-09-10_8-45-43.jpg  3stocks 2 2019-09-10_8-53-09.jpg  3stocks 3 2019-09-10_8-58-24.jpg  3stocks 4 2019-09-10_9-07-40.jpg 
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