My market outlook is leaning towards Bullish although I am cautiously looking at the resistance on DIA and IWM. Prefered Trade direction is Long. 

1) CUE Finder gave me FHI as a breakout, GWF signal 
2) CUE vitals showed that FHI is undervalued with positive Earning release in last quarter, the stock also pays divident which is a plus point. 
3) Industry level rotation on CUE Edge showed that the industry has been very weak since one month and is turning blue since past 2 days including today. 
4) I also looked at industry percentages just to make sure and it showed that the industry is turning around and becoming positive today. 
5) The charts show a breakout on Weekly with a signal for long and same on the Daily with a signal for long. We have relatively high volume/activity. 
I opened a long trade with stop around 22$ and TP 25$ (price was at 23.46$) 1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg  4.jpg  chart breakout.jpg
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