A breakout and reversal found using a different CUE workflow.


Remember the other idea I shared on $WELL today as a breakout and reversal setup? This trade is another similar setup - found using an entirely different CUE Workflow. The common thing is that both are straightforward and intuitive workflows.

This is how I found and analyzed $HIW.

1) I looked at all the stocks in CUE Edge in real-time. You could also do the same on ANY list of stocks of your choice using CUE Vital.

2) Clicked the 3-stars to find the undervalued stocks with excellent earnings growth in the last quarter.

3) Clicked the thumbs up to further select only stocks with increasing earnings growth.

4) Sorted by the latest quarter earnings growth.

HIW came to the top. 

5) It also had a 5%+ dividend yield.

Its industry is one of the most accelerating and also one of the strongest today.

CUE Vital further shows that 98% of peer stocks are up. 

CUE technical charts? Backdrop weekly color and shape bullish—the daily breaking out of Memory resistance with a Reversal candle.
5 1 Fundamental Scorecard.jpg
4 0  Industry Scorecard.jpg  5 0 Fundamental Snapshot.jpg     6 0 Technical.jpg 
I had mentioned in today's Graduates' Club live session/YouTube live session that my defensive sector picks are doing quite well.

Here is one of them. $HIW

1) I shared a long idea seven days ago.

2) Today, the trade has reached risk-distance and at least partial profit could be booked.

6 0 Technical.jpg 
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