After my daily analysis, I find two stocks in the Consumer Discretionary Sector, and the Specialty Stores Industry.

A. CUE Edge Sector performance shows Consumer Discretionary as a strong performer

B. Undervalued Stocks shows both ODP and HIBB

C. CUE Vital shows HIBB strong in all 4 areas

D. CUE Vital shows ODP strong in all 4 areas

E. CUE Elite shows HIBB as breaking out on the daily candle with a bullish weekly candle

F. CUE Elite shows ODP to be bullish also, but with a very bullish daily volume, but with a memory resistance line overhead in weekly chart

G. A comparison of HIBB & ODP (ODP has a dividend while HIBB does not)

Which is better?  I am not sure, but will watch for both today.

HIBB A.jpg  HIBB B.jpg  HIBB C.jpg  HIBB D.jpg  HIBB E.jpg 
ODP F.jpg 

HIBB G.jpg 
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Excellent analysis of two stocks, by Rick. Both fundamentally strong. Both are giving one or another technical setup.

At the end of the analysis, I would choose HIBB over ODP - through their business is slightly different (industry is the same). My choice of HIBB (between these two) is because of:

1) HIBB has no Memory resistance nearby. Memory resistance near ODP makes it a no-go for me. Whether the price goes up next or not is not the question. The decision has to be made at the right edge, not after the fact. And by that, HIBB is a better choice technically.

2) HIBB and ODP are both undervalued. Only HIBB has positive and accelerating earnings growth in the latest quarter. By that criteria also, HIBB is a better choice.

In the coming days, HIBB may as well go down and ODP may as well go up. But I don't know that. At the end of Monday, the only rational choice I could make is to choose HIBB over ODP (based on the 360 analysis).

One final comment. CUE traders (like me!) are looking for stocks to buy at the "optimal point". For HIBB, that was at the close of 24th Apr Friday. Not at the close of Monday or opening of Tuesday, when Rick shared this post.
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